How to activate Paytm wallet card ₹0 charge

Now you can access your Paytm Wallet balance anywhere. A new one from Paytm in a very easy way. The card has been launched in the name of Paytm Wallet Card.

The benefits of Paytm Wallet card are many. If you work in any army application, then often you get paytm wallet in it and sometimes there is problem in transferring that paytm wallet to bank, then Paytm has launched one of its debit card. Through this card in the name of Paytm Wallet Card, you can use your Paytm Wallet in the same way anywhere. You will be given a virtual debit card. Wherever you transact with it, then your balance will be deducted from Paytm Wallet and you will get one.

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A physical debit card will also be provided. Wherever you do any kind of transaction with that card, then it deducts money from your Paytm Wallet and it is very secure. There is no chance of you getting any kind of fraud as if you shop anywhere, then there you do not need to share your personal debit card or credit card anymore. You can make payment at any place by using this ATM card of your Paytm. Petrol pump or any hobby or anyone? You can also do e-recharge through this card?

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Get Activate Paytm Wallet Card For Free

To activate your Paytm Wallet card, you will have to follow some of the steps we have mentioned and after that your Paytm wallet Card will be activated within a few minutes.

To activate Paytm Wallet card, it is very important to have an account in Paytm. If you do not have Paytm account yet, then you have to activate your Paytm account by coming KYC and after that you have to download the application. An application link is given here to download the application. You can download Paytm application from here and after that.

The application has to be updated. If your application is of latest version

Then you have to open your Paytm application and after that!

After that you have to click on Paytm Wallet option.

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And then after that you have to scroll down a bit and come down and there you will see such a banner. you click on it

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And then the option of activate is visible here. To proceed further by clicking on the option of Activate Now

After clicking on the Activate Now option, here you will get some kind of interface in front of you. Here you have to come down and you can read all their information. All the benefits of the card are mentioned here. You can read this and after that you have to click on the option of Activate Now.

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And this card has many benefits. You can find out more about this card here.

After clicking on the option named Activate, you will be asked your password. Whatever is your 4 digit password. You have to enter it twice

Now your Paytm Wallet card has been successfully activated. Can you use it?

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You can manage both your cards from Paytm app itself like you were using and managing your Paytm debit card earlier. In the same way, you will also manage Paytm Wallet card from here. Here you can see that you have to click here to know your CVV code and you will get to see all the rest of the information right here.

And if you want to order physical Paytm debit card then that service is not available yet. It is being told right here that in a few days this service will go live for everyone. Till then you will have to wait. Right now you can use this debit card only for online and whenever the physical debit card goes live then you can order your debit card from here and use it anywhere.

PayTM wallet card Charges

Here it has been told from Paytm that no hidden charge is being taken for this and no further information has come yet that Paytm can take some charges going forward.

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