How to Get Free ₹50 On Myntra Refer And Earn Earn Maximum 500

An event offering has come from Myntra Refer And Earn in which you have to invite some friends and after inviting you will be able to do shopping of ₹ 500 for free.

Myntra Refer And Earn And you do not need a new account to participate in this offer. Any of your accounts whether old or new, you can use that account to participate in this offer and earn ₹ 500.

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The sale is about to go live in Myntra. SL will be live from 18th December to 23rd December and here you can run a maximum of ₹500 in each account and this ₹500 when your sale will go live. Then you will be able to use this money. This sale will go live from December 17. You buy any product after December 17th. Your money will then be listed on Myntra. Whatever you do. You will be given ₹ 50 for each referrer and you can do more than 10 referrals, if you refer then you will not be given its amount.

It is very easy to participate in this offer. All you have to do is follow the few steps mentioned by us and after that, you can participate in this offer.

First of all, here I have given you a link. You have to click on it in the name of the offer link and participate in this offer.

After clicking on the link, this interface will come in front of you, here you will! You have to share your referral link and here you see an option of WhatsApp, by clicking on it, you can invite your friend through WhatsApp and here the option of copy link is visible, from there you can also send your referral. copy the link

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All the friends you invite, you will get a scratch card for each friend, if you scratch that scratch card, then you will get ₹ 50 Myntra Cass and you will get a maximum of 10 Refer on every account

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And I want to tell you again that you will be able to use this money only then. When this sale will be live and this sale will be live from 17th December and you can earn a maximum of ₹ 500 in this. For more information on each account, you can read their term and condition. To read the terms and conditions, you have to scroll down a little and come down and there you will get their terms and conditions. From there you can get more information.

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