Nextztore Green Tea Free Sample Products Pay Delivery Charge

Get Free Green Tea, Absolutely For Free Sample Of Nextztore Green Tea Pack, How to get free Nextztore Green Tea Pay Only Delivery Charge

Hello, Friends Welcome To Today’s New Loot Offer, I Am Giving You Free Green Tea In Today’s Loot Offer.

The Market Price Of This Nextztore Green Tea is ₹ 19 And Here You Are Going To Get This Green Tea Absolutely Free. For This, You Have To Pay Only ₹ 4 And You From Every Account. Order Can Be Bought Only With 4 Maximum Packets and Pay Delivery Charge ₹49

To Get A Free Sample Product Of This Nextztore Green Tea, You have to Follow Some Of The Steps We Mentioned.

Free Sample Products Nextztore Green Tea

Steps 1. First Of All, You Have To Go To Their Official Site By Clicking On The Nextztore Green Tea Option.

Steps 2. After visiting the site, you will come across an interface like this. Here you can read whatever information is given about this product and here you can order a maximum of 4 packets of this product because more than this product will not be ordered. If you need this product more then you can order by creating a new account

img 20211127 2223313867546844619282520

Steps 3. And now from here, you have to add this product to your card in 4 quantities and click on the checkout! option

img 20211127 224038132785411934897387

Steps 4. Inter Your complete Address and contact details and your name

img 20211127 2241494336793875574166737

Steps 5. And it is being told here that the delivery charge of ₹ 49 is being charged from you, you can use it hundred percent. If you ever buy any product from this site in your next order, then you can use this amount.

img 20211127 2252084392702953936364043

Steps 6. Select your payment method and complete your payment

img 20211127 2253512986337667698106973

Steps 7. If you do not want to pay, you can order this product in cash on delivery also?

After payment, this product will go for your packing and you will get the tracking code of your tracking service through SMS and email. With this, you can track your order.

This product will be delivered within 2 weeks.

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