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Hello friends welcome. I have come again for you today. With a great loot offer. If you want to grab this offer, just follow some of our mentioned steps and you will be able to grab this free sample product.

Here you will find many products. You can order any of these products from your account on 6 Smytten Free Samples Product. That too absolutely free, here you do not need to pay any extra charge. Here you will get the product absolutely free

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The product that you are going to get today, its market price is more than 700. gif maker 5

How to get Smytten Free Samples Product

This big loot offer has come from Smytten app ‘s side. You don’t have to do anything to loot this offer. We will tell you by following some steps, you can order as many products as you want, that too for absolutely free, let me tell you how you can buy this Smytten Free Samples Product for free.

Steps 1. First of all you have to download the Smytten app

Steps 2. After clicking on this link you will be redirected to play store and from there you have to download this application.

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Steps 3. And then after that you will get an interface like this. Here you can choose any category you like. Whichever category you want to select, click on that category or you can select all the categories and move forward?

img 20211024 214424930091757548361704

Steps 4. And then after that here you will see some options. From the option you want to sign up, you have to select it and fill your details like I click on the option with manual

img 20211024 2144353523214449624336531

Steps 5.After clicking here, you will have to fill some of your information such as your first name, last name, your gender, your area pin code, after filling all these things, you have to proceed further.

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img 20211024 214542231690375838322929

Steps 6. And then after that you have to click here and here after clicking on the option with six free samples, you have to fill your information here such as your mobile number and email id after verifying this.

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Steps 7. Here you will be able to take this free sample product if you enter your mobile number and an email id and a referral code here.

Refer Code :- 01qG3g5

img 20211024 2146178571289739461307544

Verify your number

Steps 8 . After verifying the number, a banner like this will appear in front of you. You have to click on this.

img 20211024 2147351375996431598438029

Steps 9. After clicking on the banner, out of all the products you see here, you have to add six products to it. Add any product you want to take on your card.

img 20211024 2148443153876402238205511

To add the product to your card, you have to click on the Try Now option and after that your product will be added to your card.

Steps 10. After adding all the products to the card, here you have to click on the card option.

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Steps 11. After clicking on the card option, here you will see all the products that you have added to your card and here you will ask for a payment of 199 and that too you will get it in the form of cashback in this wallet

And then click on the option of proceed to payment

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Steps 12. And after clicking here, you are being told that you will get that payment of 169 as cashback in this app.

And here you have to fill your complete address.

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Steps 13. After filling the address, select the option from which you want to make payment here and pay 199

image editor output image 871509744 16350964133385272897792049049057

After making the payment, here you are being told that the order will be delivered in 72 to 96 hours, but it may take you more than a week.

Smytten App Refer And Earn

You Can Earn More By Refer Smytten. Just Click On Smytten Refer And Earn Tab. gif maker 6
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  • Get ₹50 When Your Friend Sign Up On Smytten Using Your Referral Code.
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