How to get Free Roop Mantra – Face Cream + Cucumber Face Wash Free Sample

Free Sample, Free Sample India, Roop Mantra Free Face Wash , Free Face Cream – Hello DLR Readers!! Today is 26th September 2021 and It’s celebrated as International daughters Days and we are proud Indian to Celebrate it. Roop Mantra is well know brand and to make This Daughters Day Special, they are giving Free Sample Of Roop Mantra Skin care combo ( face cream 30g, Cucumber Face Wash 115ml ).

On this golden occasion of International Law Day, Divisa Herbal Care presents a beautiful gift of love and care to all the daughters. Roop Mantra Ayurvedic Kankari Facewash 115ml and Roop Mantra Ayurvedic Cream 30g are being given free of cost. This offer is for today only.

Everyone who is to buy such a product will get a face wash of 115 emails and a cream of 30ml.

Product information and price Roop Mantra Face Cream & Face Wash

  • Roop Mantra Ayurvedic Face Cream – 30g at Worth Rs. 98.00/-
  • Roop Mantra Ayurvedic Face Wash -115ml at Worth Rs. 98.00/-

Roop Mantra Skin Care Combo ( Face Cream 30g, Cucumber Face Wash 115ml )

The richness of cucumber in Roop Mantra Ayurvedic Face Wash helps keep your skin clean, clear, and refreshed every day. And a fine blend of natural herbs like sandalwood, tulsi, neem, and almond in Ayurvedic cream gives your skin a natural and pampering care with complete nourishment.

The combo includes :-
Roop Mantra Ayurvedic Face Cream – 30g at Worth Rs. 98.00/-
Roop Mantra Ayurvedic Face Wash -115ml at Worth Rs. 98.00/-
Rs. 196.00

Murthy simple product : free samples

How to Get Free Sample Of Roop Mantra Facewash & Face Cream

All you have to do is follow some of our steps and get this free sample.

Steps 1. You have to go to their official site by clicking on the option with free sample.

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Steps 2. By clicking on this banner, you have to add card to this product and after doing the add card you have to proceed further.

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Steps 3. You do not need any kind of promo code or anything else to get this product for free. All you have to do is click on the option proceed to check out here and proceed further.

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Steps 4. You cart Value will be Zero when you go to payment Page.

Steps 5. Here you will have to fill some of your information like your email id, your name, your mobile number and your full address and pin code.

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Steps 6. And then after that you can see here that you have to pay only ₹ 60 on this amount and this only delivery charge is being taken and no extra charges will be taken from you. Here you have to make the payment successful by choosing any one of your payment methods by clicking on the Proceed option and after the payment is successful.

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Steps 7. You can get this free sample product in a few days, about under three to four weeks.

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