Face Wash , Shampoo, Face Moisturiser Worth ₹396 For FREE | Free Sample products

Free sample product of Vaayu Organic | Get Free Facewash , Shampoo , Face Moisturiser Etc Rs. ₹396 For FREE

Friends, I have brought it again. A great new Vaayu Organic is Offering Free Samples offer for you guys, here you will get free sample of Facewash , Shampoo, Face Moisturiser Etc For free and that too Hundred percent Genuine products are available.

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How to get Free sample of Vaayu Organic | Get Free Facewash , Shampoo , Etc

This is a trial offer. This company has launched these four products for free trial. Out of these four products, you can order only two products and you do not have to pay any extra money after ordering this product. Only and only delivery charge will have to be paid for this product of theirs.

Product list

  1. Face Moisturiser With Vitamin E And Aloe Vera – Free Trial @ ₹0
  2. Activated Charcoal Face Wash – Free Trial @ ₹0
  3. Onion And Ginger Hair Shampoo – Free Trial @ ₹0
  4. Skin Purifying Face Wash – Free Trial @ ₹0

This product will be able to place only two orders from each person’s ID. If you want to order more then you can order from any other account and you do not have to enter these valid address here. Your correct address is to be filled in the correct address here. Otherwise you could not get this free sample product of yours.

Get Free Sample Products of Facewash, Shampoo Etc For Free From Vaayu Organics

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To buy this free sample product, you need to follow some of the steps we have mentioned.

Steps 1. First of all you have to open this Free Sample link in your browser

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Steps 2. Whatever product you need from here, you have to add only 4 products to your card and proceed further.

Steps 4. And here you have to fill some of your information such as your full name, your email id and your address and your phone number, after filling all these things, you have to proceed.

Steps 5. And after that by clicking on the famous rupee option here, you have to pay only ₹ 99 for the delivery charge and you will get this product.

And after completing the payment, you will get this product at your address in about two to three weeks.

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