Luvlap Diaper Pant Free Sample All Sizes | No Shipping Charge

Luvlap NewBorn Diapers Pack has launched a new diaper pad and this pad is being given to you as a free Diaper Sample Pack, To get this free sample product visit the official site of Luvlap.

How can I get diapers for my baby for free?, Luvlap Diaper Pant Free Sample

Hello friends I am back once again. With a new loot you will get Free Diaper Sample India in today’s loot offer. That Free Sample

Luvlap Free Sample India has designed it with the help of new technology and in this pose the child is going to feel very comfortable and hence he is going to be famous. This any kind of rest keeps the baby healthy.


  • XS – (< 5 kgs) | Tape style
  • S – (5-9 kgs) | Pant Style
  • M – (7-12 Kgs) | Pant Style
  • L – (9-14 Kgs) | Pant Style

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To order this Luvlap Diaper Pant, you have to follow some of our mentioned steps and after that this product will be delivered to your address absolutely free of cost.

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How can I get diapers for my baby for free? | Diaper Sample Pack

  1. Absorbs runny poo.
  2. Air-fresh material that lets your baby’s sensitive skin breathe
  3. Super-stretchy material that fits your baby like a mother’s hug
  4. Wetness indicator that turns from yellow to blue to suggest that it’s time for a diaper change
  5. Cottony softness all round keeps your baby’s precious skin perfect
  6. Outstanding absorption for up to 12 hours wraps your baby in a world of comfort.

How can I get free Huggies? | Free Diaper Sample India

Free Sample product of Luvlap Diaper NewBorn Diapers Pack

First of all you have to click on the option with free sample link and after opening it in your browser.

After opening the link, you have to scroll down a little bit and here you have to fill some of your information. And after that here you have to accept two. Its tension condition.

Select on I Would Like to Get Luvlap Sample.

Here you have to fill all your information and after filling the complete address with pin code.


And then if you click on this option here, it will redirect you. From there on your home page you can see your order status

You have to wait for few days. This is your Huggies free sample product delivered to your home

Terms and conditions

  • Use code TRYSAMPLE to avail of the offer
  • You can order only 1 sample for free from your account. All additional orders will automatically get cancelled by system.
  • Shipping charge may be applicable on the sample product.
  • In order to avail sample packs, it is mandatory to fill in basic details.
  • Each sample pack contains 3 units.
  • For pant-style diapers, sample packs are available in sizes S, M, and L.
  • For tape-style diapers, sample packs are available in size XS only.
  • Free sample packs are available for a limited period only.
  • Sample packs are non-returnable items.

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