[Free Sample] Comfy Sanitary Pads Absolutely FREE | Comfy Period Tracker App

Comfy Period Tracker App Freebie
[Freebie] Get Comfy Sanitary Pads Absolutely FREE | Comfy Period Tracker App

Hi Guys, here is one more free sample products in India You can get this free sample product by following some simple steps? Many Free Sample product

Free Sample Of the Day

Grab Get Comfy Sanitary Pads Absolutely FREE

+ No Shipping Charge too

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Steps :


1. Download Comfy Period Tracker App

2. On starting page , you will see this Free sample button. Click on it

3. Fill your full name , Email address

4. Then fill full survey in next page & click on Order free sample

5. Finally submit your full address , name , mobile number & all

6. Submit the OTP & Done !!

7. Your sample will be delivered to your home.


About this app

Comfy Period Tracker is not just an app, it is a woman’s friend, guide and assistant to help her manage menstruation better. Whatever the concern – simply tracking menstrual cycles, planning a pregnancy or stocking up on comfortable pads, it can all be done right here.
Comfy Period Tracker is an app for women of all age groups. It is scientific, accurate, easy to use and openly addresses all women’s concerns without judgement.
Just fill in the details, tell us the date of the last period, choose the goal and the user is ready to manage his/her cycle comfortably.

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