Colgate Diabetes Free Sample Toothpaste Offer | Limited period

Colgate Diabetes Free Sample Toothpaste Offer | Available All over India. colgate vedshakti free sample

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I am back in Hello Guys once again. With a great offer for you guys, here the offer has come from Colgate. Here Colgate Diabetes Toothpaste is also being given to you as a free sample. This product is only and only for India. All users in India will be able to take advantage of the colgate sugar free toothpaste in india

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You Have To Just Register & You Will Get Free Colgate Diabetes Toothpaste Of 100gm Quantity. You Will Get This Pack Free As A Part Of Promotion Offer. Colgate Diabetes Contains Ingredients Like – Neem, Madhunashini, Jamun, Amla Etc. It Fights infection causing bacteria & Gives you healthy gums Also Helps you stay ahead in your diabetes management.

Here are some steps to follow to get the Colgate Diabetes free sample Toothpaste.

How To Get Colgate Diabetes Free Sample Toothpaste

Steps 1. First of all you have to go to their official page by clicking on Colgate Diabetes free sample option.

Steps 2. Here you have to select the option of I Am Diabetes

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Steps 3. After coming to this page, you have to scroll down a little and come down. There some information asked from you will be asked. you have to fill it

And now fill in some more information like.

  1. NameEmail Address
  2. Mobile Number
  3. Pin Code
  4. Your Home Address
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Done !! You Will Receive Message Like : Thank you! for sharing your details. Your Colgate Diabetics exclusive sample is on its way.

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You will get to see this message from Colgate

Your Colgate Diabetics sample is on its way.
Please check your email and sms for further details.

This product will be delivered to you within the next three weeks.

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