Free Sample products St.Botanica Moroccan Argan Hair Shampoo, 300ml, for FREE

FREE St.Botanica Moroccan Argan Hair Shampoo, 300ml,for FREE | Worth ₹359

Free Sample St Botanica Hair Shampoo Hello friends welcome In today’s new loot offer, you will get this free sample products Rs.599 for absolutely free. If you also want to take free sample product then follow some of our mentioned steps.

This free sample product is being provided by St.botanica shampoo. Its market value is more than 300 for absolutely free and you will get this product absolutely free. There is no need to pay any extra charge for this. What if you follow our steps?

Get St.Botanica Moroccan Argan Hair Shampoo, 300ml For Free Sample Product

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Steps 1. First of all you have to go to their official site by clicking on this link and after going you will see some kind of interface in front of you.

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clicking get start

Steps 2. After clicking on the Get Started option, here you will be asked some questions, whose answer you can give anything, there is no problem.

Some quiz answers will be asked in front of you. That is also for you, whatever problem you have in your hair. If you select that problem, then you will get the product of that category and you will be able to order free sample product from it.

Three types of product

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Steps 3. Here you will be asked five questions. You have to answer all of these. You can give any answer according to you. You have to submit it by clicking on any option and after that you will get some kind of interface in front of you.

Moroccan Argan Hair Shampoo, 300ml

Here you have to click on the Get Free shampoo option.

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Steps 4. After clicking, this product will be automatically added to your card. Here you will be asked for a delivery charge of 199. Then you don’t have to worry from here. You have to come back here and add any product to your card and after that your delivery charge of 199 is being levied. It will be absolutely free because this side has a rule. If you shop above ₹199, then no shipping charge will be taken from you and this product is a free sample product. That is why you have to add card to any product and then proceed further.

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Steps 5. After adding any one product to the card, you can see here that the price of my card is only ₹ 275 and I will not be charged any charge for the free sample product here.

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Steps 6. And the option of place order is visible at the bottom. You have to click on it and after clicking here you will have to enter your mobile number and an OTP will come on it. You have to verify it.

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Steps 7. After verifying the mobile number, here you have to fill some of your information such as your full name, your mobile number, email id and complete address, after filling all these things, you have to proceed further.

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Steps 8. And after that here you have to pay by any method. As much as you bill and otherwise you can order this product on cash on delivery also

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Once the order is successful, your order will be delivered within two weeks and the tracking information will be communicated to you via email and SMS.

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