Get a Free Sample of Pedigree Dog Food for Your Pup

Get Your Free Sample of Pedigree Dog Food

Pamper your pup with a FREE Pedigree Pro® sample!
Is your dog ready to try yummy, vet-approved food? Limited quantities are available! (Ask your vet before switching food.)

Hey there, pet lovers! At Digital LYF Ruol, we know how much you care about your furry friends. That’s why we wanted to let you know about the Free Sample of Pedigree Products dog food sample program.

Free Sample of Pedigree

At Digital LYF Ruol, we know about the special connection between pet owners and their pets. We seek to enhance that relationship as much as possible by providing them with the best care. And today, we are glad to share this wonderful opportunity for your dog’s indulgence with the Pedigree free sample program.

Introducing Pedigree Free Samples: Give Your Pup a Taste of Something New!

Free Sample of Pedigree

The reputable Pedigree brand is known for its quality standards and tasty dog food. As a result, it provides complimentary samples that let your puppy try out their taste and nutrition value first-hand. Whether you’re a new pet parent or considering switching your dog’s diet this might be an ideal way to find out whether Pedigree will be suitable for your furry friend.

How To claim your FREE Pedigree Pro sample kit,

Start by going to the links for the Free Sample of Pedigree : sample kits

Positive treats Desktops
1Pedigree free Dog TreatesClaim here
2Pedigree free Dog  GravyClaim here
3Pedigree Home cooked foodClaim here
  1. Do each page separately.
  2. Scroll down and find the order form for a free sample.
  3. Please, fill in your name, email address, city, and residential address so that you can place your order for dog food free samples from a pedigree company.
  4. After that press “get now.”
  5. There is no shipping fee to be paid!
  6. Just wait as it is coming forth soon.

Lucky you!!

pedigree pro page banner desktop

FREE Pedigree Pro sample conclusion

Before, there used to be a free Pedigree Pro sample offer in India and the continuity of it is still a mystery. You may visit the Pedigree site or call their client care to inquire about promotions that currently exist. Find out how important it is to know that introducing new food, especially with dogs having ailments requires consulting a veterinarian if you find free samples.

Pedigree Contact us

MARS International India Pvt. Ltd.,
Survey No. 2099 – 2103,
Village Avusulonipally,
Siddipet Highway,
District Siddipet – 502 279,
Telangana, India.


Contact No:
Tel: 1800 889 21 21 (Toll free)
Landline: +91 8454 350080/81 (Normal call charges apply)

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