Amazon FunZone Stars | Easily Get Free ₹100 Amazon Gift Card

Amazon FunZone Stars Quiz Answers – Hi guys I am back again Today New Free 100 Amazon gift card in this offer you Earn 100 gift card in Amazon FunZone Stars Quiz I hope you enjoying Every Amazon Quiz Answers-Win Exciting Prices Every day

You can redeem 100 Stars for ₹10 Amazon pay balance , ₹250 Stars for ₹25 amazon pay balance , ₹50 amazon voucher is available for 500 Stars. You can redeem ₹100 , ₹500 & ₹1000 amazon Pay balance too

Daily you can earn 10-20 Stars & on starting of new week , you can easily earn 50+ Stars easily. Follow below steps to earn Stars & redeem it for amazon pay balance.

How to play Amazon FunZone Stars Quiz

Fast Of All Update your Amazon app and after that you have to come to the option with Amazon funzone

After entering the Funzone, you have to click on the Amazon Star banner.

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There are total 4 Quiz in Amazon Star Quiz whose all the answers I have updated. You complete this quiz using this answer.

  1. Daily Jackpot
  2. Daily Trivia Quiz
  3. Weekly FunZone Jackpot
  4. Weekly Quiz answers & win

On completing each game , you will be rewarded with Stars

Daily Jackpot & Daily Trivia games you can play daily & earn 10-20 Stars from that. Weekly FunZone Jackpot , weekly quiz answers & win are the weekly games.

Amazon Daily Jackpot Quiz answers | 17th July 2022

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Q. Inside Edge’ based on the world of cricket was the first ______ original series in India in Hindi. Fill in the blanks

Answer is : – Amazon

Amazon Funzone Daily Quiz answers | 17th July 2022

Q1. Which Indian state has formed 13 new districts in 2022?

Ans :- Andhra Pradesh

Q2. I hereby challenge Vladimir Putin to single combat. Stakes are Ukraine,” . Whose recent quote?

Ans :- Elon Musk

Q3 Vayu Raghavan played by Tanuj Virwani plays a key role in which of these web series?

Ans :- Inside edge.7

Q4. Name this fish which is commonly kept in garden ponds in Japan as pets.

Ans :- Koi

Q5. Which Indian state has this animal as the state animal?

Ans :- Sikkim

Amazon Funzone Weekly Jackpot quiz answers | 17th-23rd July 2022

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Q : – Kisan Kanya was the first Hindi Cinecolor feature film, it came out in which year?

Answer is – 1937

You will get assured runs by completing this Amazon Weekly Funzone Jackpot quiz answers

Amazon Weekly Stars Quiz answers | 17th -23rd July 2022

Q1. Which is the highest grossing Indian film ever?

Ans :- Dangal

Q2. Which among the following has won the most number of national awards for acting?

Ans :- Shabana Azmi

Q3. In 3 Idiots, what is the real name of Aamir Khan’s character Rancho?

Ans :- Phunsukh wangdu

Q4. Who was the first Indian to win an Oscar award?

Ans :- Bhanu athaiya

Q5. Finish the quote from Deewar: “Mere paas _____.”

Ans :- Maa hai

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On completing this all games , you will be rewarded with 50-80 Stars in total. You need 100 Stars to redeem ₹10 amazon pay balance

Play daily & you will win 10-20 Stars daily.

Complete 5 day streak & win 75 runs

redeem your runs for amazon Pay balance. look i have earned 105 Stars by just playing it for 2 days.

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