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Amazon Funzone Runs Quiz Answers Today: 19 May 2023

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Today Amazon Quiz Answers Win Exiting Prizes

Amazon Funzone Runs Quiz Answers Today 19 May 2022: Play a simple quiz, score runs daily and win a free Amazon pay balance of ₹10, ₹30 ₹75, or ₹150, ₹300,₹500

Amazon Funzone Runs Quiz Answer

You can earn Daily 100+ FZ Runs by Playing quizzes & Games from Amazon Funzone. See answers to Amazon Quiz & Earn Daily FZ Runs. Read Also:- amazon fun zone quiz answers today

How to Play Amazon FZ Runs Quiz?

  1. Firstly, Just Update Amazon app from Playstore.
  2. Search ‘FunZone‘ in search of the Amazon app
  3. The fun zone page will open & you can see the ‘FZ Runs‘ Banner
  4. There will be games like Daily Jackpot, Daily Quiz, Weekly Jackpot, Weekly Quiz
  5. On completing each game, you will be rewarded with FZ Runs
  6. Daily Jackpot & Daily Trivia games you can play daily & earn 30+ FZ Runs from that.

Here are the Amazon Quiz Answers for FZ Runs Daily Jackpot, FZ Runs Daily Quiz, FZ Runs Weekly Jackpot, and FZ Runs Weekly Quiz:

Amazon FZ Runs Quiz Answers Today Of Daily Jackpot

18th May 2023 Amazon Funzone FZ Runs Quiz Answers Today


Question:-  Who scored the highest individual score in the first match of the first edition of the IPL?

The answer is- Brendon McCullum

Amazon FZ Runs Quiz Answers Today | Daily Quiz Answers 19th May 2023

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Question 1 :- Born in January 2021, Vamika is the name of the daughter of which of these famous cricketers?

The answer is- Virat Kohli

Question 2 :- The coach of which of these IPL franchises is a two time ODI World Cup winning captain?

The answer is- Delhi Capitals

Question 3 :- The famous Wanderers cricket ground is located in which of these cities?

The answer is- Johannesburg

Question 4 :-  Shane Warne led which side to victory in the first-ever IPL?

The answer is- Rajasthan Royals

Question 5 :- Name this city, where the famous R.Premadasa Stadium is located

The answer is- Colombo

Submit Jackpot Quiz Answer

Amazon FZ Runs Weekly Jackpot Quiz Answers

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  1. Question 01 Who won the T-20 cricket match between Rajasthan & Chennai held on April 27th, 2023?

Answer – Rajasthan

  1. Question 02 Which of these cricketers won the “Player of the Match” title for the Lucknow vs Punjab T-20 match (28th April 2023)?

Answer – Marcus Stoinis

  1. Question 03 What was the target score for T-20 Cricket match between Hyderabad & Delhi held on April 29th, 2023?

Answer – 198

  1. Question 04 Punjab won by _ number of wickets against Chennai on 30th April, 2023. Fill in the blanks

Answer – 4

  1. Question 05 Where was the match for Rajasthan against Mumbai held on 30th April, 2022?

Answer – Wankhede Stadium

Amazon FZ Runs Weekly Quiz Answers

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Who recorded the highest individual score in IPL 2022?

The answer is Quinton de Kock

How to play Amazon Ran Quiz?

Fast Of all oppen Amazon App Search Funzon

How to check Funzon Runs| You can check your Fund John Run Score by clicking here.

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And Click on Funzon Runs

Play every day and win exciting prizes!

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