Times Prime membership Free | Pay Only ₹26 Super coins

Big loot today Times Prime Free membership code. I have come again. By taking a new offer for you, under this offer, you can take a free membership of Times Prime, which has an annual fee of ₹ 999

what is times prime membership Time prime is such a thing through which you get prime membership of many applications and many of its offers are always coming, by taking advantage of which you can earn a good profit

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Times Prime Membership Free You do not need to pay any extra charge for taking it. All you have to do is take care of some of the things we have mentioned and follow the steps given by us.

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how to get times prime membership for free

First of all you have to create a new account of yours. Below I have given you the link of Times Prime. By clicking on it you have to create a new account.

This offer has come from Flipkart in which you have to make only 26 super coins and in return you can redeem 1 year code of Times Prime. First you have to click on the given link and redeem this code by logging in to your Flipkart account and after that.

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After redeeming Kurkure, you have to copy it and here you have to login to your account on the Times Prime website in your Chrome browser and there you have to select the 1-year plan.

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You have to copy and paste the code that you retained from Flipkart.

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As much as you will have to paste the cud, it will be converted into zero and here you have to activate your plan by clicking on the Profid Option.

And this offer is only for new user only. If you have an old Times Prime account then this trick will not work in it. For that you have to create a new account. You will be able to take advantage of this offer only after that of Times Prime.

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